Amt has been supplying Auto Power Brand HOLP to customers, who are using, SEYI, SENSON, and CHIN FONG presses. Auto Power HOLP can be installed on all these brands of presses, which have the same bolting pitches on the Oil Tank.

From C-Frame Presses 25 to 200 ton (both Single Crank and Double Crank), the applicable HOLP model by Auto Power is OL-08A or OL-08S, commonly used and proved delivering the press capacity without problem.

To save your cost, these are the advantages of Auto Power HOLP :

(1) Auto Power HOLP can be supplied either (with oil tank) or (Without Oil Tank).
(2) Detailed HOLP drawing can be supplied to customers to check the bolting pitch.
(3) Auto Power HOLP is supplied with 2-year warranty.

*** Auto Power HOLP can also be installed on selected models of Komatsu and Amada presses, please contact Applied Metal for proposal and quotation. ***

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